Due Diligence


Due Diligence by NEXTRE Global in the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)


NEXTRE Global is the leading provider of commercial real estate due diligence in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). When brokering real estate sales and purchases, or executing due diligence being appointed by individual contract, NEXTRE  carries out thorough due diligence inspections to complete all of your

  • full spectrum of legal angle inspection including land and property title survey;
  • financial angle of inspection;
  • assesment of commercial performance of the property;
  • technical part of assessment.

We execute also

  • environmental assessment;
  • best use of property assessment;
  • zoning needs.

NEXTRE Global due diligence experts understand-time is money and your key to success, since you have limited time for issuing your LOI, or you have rights for exclussive due diligence process. That’s why we emphasize the importance of speed, efficiency and accuracy when delivering our recommendations.


Whether you have a single site requiring one of our services or hundreds requiring all of our services, NEXTRE Global will complete your projects on-time and in a cost effective and professional manner. First-class contacts and comprehensive real estate knowledge help us when assessing the basis of individual contracts.


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