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Property Management


Property Management services – NEXTRE Global

If you are looking for the leading / state of the art property management services provider in the Baltics – consider NEXTRE Global.

NEXTRE Global provides best in class asset and property management services in the territory of Baltic States –Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania.


Professional property management and regular independent performance audit and management supervision is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your commercial real estate investment.

  • NEXTRE Global use the professional know how of NEXTRE affiliated network to maintain and increase the value of your assets.
  • NEXTRE property managers oversee the fiscal and physical health of each property, ensuring that each minor repair or major improvement is completed efficiently. They manage each property as if the investment was their own. In the end, your business becomes their business. They devise and implement a plan that increases cash flow and return on your investment, ultimately creating additional value for you.

Our team at NEXTRE Global property management is at your service as a commercial and technical manager for your real estate:

  •  We increase revenues and reduce cost;
  •  We optimize the return on your investment;
  •  We assure the controllability of your portfolio;
  •  We tend to your tenants to be sure they are satisfied.


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