NEXTRE Global Group of Companies

We at NEXTRE Global understand, appreciate and highly respect the complexity of the way to earn, operate and preserve your capital, even not mentioning enhancement of it. Having this confidence makes NEXTRE Global a unique since we have a strong belief in time as one of key values of our clients.

One may promise he aims for the stars, but our team of professionals aim for the highest quality and most efficient way to execute the tasks we have been entrusted with, always highly appreciating the importance of Client’s time and resources. Decades long experience of experts and associates of NEXTRE Global assures that this is the right path to go beyond horizons. By doing what we truly trust in and delivering the high quality services to our clients and partners, we make the world and environment around us a better place to work and live.

Should you feel that you are perfectly confident of:

• The most effective ways how to manage your assets;
• The most efficient ways how to achieve the maximum profit from your properties;
• You know the best cooperation partners and have negotiated the most relevant conditions available on the market;
• Your properties are maintained in the most superb way and will last sustainable for indefinite period of time;
• Your resources and time is used in the most productive manner;
• The best ways how to lead and manage your projects;

and there is no space for improvement, we kindly thank you for your time and patience visiting and reading our website so far.

In case you haven’t nodded affirmatively to any of the statements above, you are welcome to read about our services and let us to add value to your business.
We are always at your disposal!

Valdis Ligers LLB, SIOR, BREEAM NC Lic. Assessor
President and CEO of NEXTRE Global